Sunday, August 28, 2011

BlackBerry Mission Statement

The first vision and mission statements were formulated in 1996. These statements were found to be valid even for today. However, there was a need to articulate them in the present context of the changes in the governance system. Therefore, the revisions to the strategic direction have been incorporated under the respective sub-topics such as the Vision statement, Mission statement, and strategic areas of focus. The chapter also contains a set of five core values and a revised organization structure of the RIM.

RIM aims to be the premier center for management development excelling in developing managers of tomorrow; strengthening management capabilities and facilitating policy options to meet emerging challenges.."

"To develop socially and professionally responsible and proactive managers and leaders with holistic perspectives and competencies."
In realizing the above vision and mission, RIM focuses on the following strategic areas:
  • RIM – Strengthening Institutional Capacity and develop RIM into a financially self-sustaining Institute.
  • Civil Service – Building management capabilities and meeting future requirements of the civil service.
  • Local Governance – Facilitate decentralization process and enhance community participation through capacity development.
  • Private Sector Development – Facilitate private sector capacity development through training, research and consultancy.


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